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5 Easy Jobs to Get Without a Qualification
By: Sharmain Zain
Reading time: 3 min

If you do not hold a qualification or a degree, do not worry. Let us share some easy jobs to get without a qualification or any experience.

It’s all good if you have not been able to spend thousands of pounds on obtaining a higher education or diploma. Whatever your reasons, we understand the stress a lack of qualification or degree can cause when you step out into the job marketplace.

We got your back.

Sales Executive

Enjoy meeting new people and like a bit of a challenge? Then, a sales executive role maybe what your dreams are made off.

All that time you spent convincing your parents to let you have your favourite chocolate ice-cream at dinner time may just pay off! How? You were spending time developing your skills of persuasion and believe us when we say, that is an art in itself!

Work your way up in the world of sales by starting as an internee or a sales assistant. It is only a matter of time and experience when you will be able to sell shampoo to a bald man. Why not apply for sales executive jobs and see if this is your cup of tea? It is an easy job to get without a qualification!

Security Guard

No, this role is not just about hustling loud teenagers out of the mall – it entails a serious degree of responsibility. As a security guard, you will be the person in charge of everyone’s safety and well-being. The only thing we do recommend is to be in reasonably good physical shape and to acquire about your employer’s security policies. Looking up the nearest gym?

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Now, who would not want to get paid to drink, serve drinks and socialize? Working as a bartender is not only fun with the potential to grow into a Bar Manager – it does not require any qualification. Of course, experience does help given the nature of this role. However, that is something you can gain with time. Be brave, apply to bartender roles and see if its cut out for you.

Delivery Driver

Got a driver’s license? Put it to good use and get a job as a delivery driver. Whether a company is large, medium or small in size: they all benefit from hiring a delivery driver. These roles do not require prior experience as such (only the ability to drive the vehicle in question) nor a related qualification.

delivery driver job today

It’s relatively simple to become a delivery driver. Let’s roll up those sleeves now and plan how to get you into that driver’s seat.

Oilfield Worker

Travel the world, experience diverse cultures and enjoy decent pay by working as an oilfield worker. Mind you, it is hard work, but the good news is that it is a relatively easy job to get without a qualification. Any needed training will be given to you on the job itself. Sounds awesome, right?

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