From Application To An Interview
Every application you submit expires within 24 hours. In this time, an employer needs to review your profile and make a decision regarding your application.

Here’s what you have to do:

Be online

Employers use the app at a certain time every day, so make sure to catch them while they’re online. Turn on your notifications so you never miss a game-changing message.

Be proactive

Start a conversation with your potential employer right away. Firstly, introduce yourself and follow up with some questions about the role. Show your enthusiasm!

Be patient

A job post on JOB TODAY gets a lot of applications, creating high competition. Try not to overwhelm the person on the other end of the chat - maintain a polite tone, but still show your strong interest in the job.

There are two possible outcomes you can face:

  1. You will be Shortlisted
  2. You will be Rejected

If you are Shortlisted

Great news! You are one step closer to getting the job. From this moment forward, it’s all in your hands. Keep up the same routine and you will ace it!

If you are Rejected

Don’t despair

There might be a lot of reasons you weren’t selected for one job, so this is the time to see what you can change.

Make a self-evaluation

Retrace the steps you took towards this job. Did your profile match the job description? Did you have a professional profile photo? Reflect upon the process and try to identify the hurdles.

Move on

Find another job to apply for and this time, make sure you follow all the steps to succeed. You can apply for an unlimited number of jobs, but make sure your profile always matches the job description.
Finally, stay positive and don’t let them bring you down. Anything can be achieved with the right attitude, so make that your priority.