Applying For Jobs

Find a job you are interested in

Be that a funky bar or a high-end restaurant, your favourite department store or a tiny boutique shop, an amazing beauty salon or a skyscraper hotel - we've got it all for you to choose from. So choose wisely and avoid just apply for the sake of applying. Remember that your profile has to match the jobs you apply for. Employers will more likely consider candidates with relevant experience for their positions, so our category search for you to make things easier.

Ready to apply?

If your profile is ready, work experience is in place and the profile photo looks good - why not tap that red button? Rest assured - you will hear back momentarily. You can always see the number of views a job post has, too, so you know your competition.

Tap Apply > Choose from Apply with Video and Apply without Video.

Save for later

If you have just downloaded the app, fiddled a little and already found some great opportunities, but had no time to make your profile and show your amazing background - not to worry. Save that job for later, and you will find it nice and easy when you're ready.
To Save a job for later, tap a Bookmark icon in the bottom right of the job post photo.

24 hours for your application

If you have applied for some jobs already, you probably noticed - as soon as you tap that button, you get a countdown timer of 24 hours. That's right - you will know the result in that time. Either good or bad, you'll hear the news promptly. No more uncertainty and sleepless nights. If you don't get selected - don't get upset. Never give up - just keep applying. You can do it!