Chatting to Employers
We want to help you connect with employers so that you can get hired fast. It’s important to remember that you have to stay polite and professional when talking to your potential employers.

Rules of JT chatiquette

Never use rude language

The chat may be informal, but you have to make sure to stay polite and respectful. You are talking to your potential employer, after all.

Check your spelling and grammar

Always take a second to proofread your messages before you send them. Nothing is worse than missing an “f” in “trial shift”.

Use the app for its only purpose

Respond to your new messages quickly, make your messages concise and succinct. You shouldn’t use the app for any purpose other than your job search.

Stay professional and avoid using:

  • Slang words. ‘Sup’ and ‘YOLO’ will not impress an employer, so best to avoid these.
  • Online abbreviations, such as “tbh”, “lol” and “wtf” (even if you’re excited about the salary rate)
  • Capitalised text. Don’t let the employers think you’re yelling at them.

Finally, remember that you are speaking with someone who may be your future employer., Speak to them the way you wish to be spoken to. Mutual respect and common etiquette are key to building a good professional relationship.