Creating A Great Profile
Once you register with JOB TODAY, you have to complete all required steps to make your profile visible to employers. The more information you provide, the more chances you have of finding job lightning fast! The quality of your profile really matters. Employers are less likely to respond to your applications or messages if your profile looks incomplete. We highly recommend that you put effort into making your profile professional, to help you stand out!

Go to Profile > Complete profile to add: 


Your experience really matters! Make sure to add all your previous jobs, don’t forget to choose categories and duration for each job. Volunteer work can also be added to this section. This will help show employers how experienced you are.
If you are looking for your first job, not to worry - have a look at our guide for entry level jobs here.


You can select languages from the list and indicate the level of your proficiency (from beginner to native). Add all the languages you know, no matter how well. This can be an asset for certain jobs which require specific languages are needed. You can choose them from a dropdown list and indicate the level of your proficiency.

About You

This section is there for you to introduce yourself. You can add your best skills and qualities in this summary to capture employers’ attention.


List your academic accomplishments, including any courses, degrees, diplomas or certificates you may have. They all count.


Your profile photo should be a good quality and professional photo. Make sure to have good lighting, and don’t forget to smile. There are several things to avoid, including selfies, photos with other people or photos with distracting backgrounds. Make sure you look professional.


Last but not least, you need to choose whether you are looking for a Full-Time or Part-Time job. You can choose both options if you don’t have a preference. It’s all in your hands and on your terms!
There is no option to upload your CV on the JOB TODAY app. We believe in removing friction wherever possible, so it’s all about speed.That’s why we’ve eliminated the long and frustrating process of writing and formatting a CV, to avoid wasting your time!. Instead, all you need to do is complete your JOB TODAY profile and you’re ready to start applying for jobs!