Deleting Your Profile

JOB TODAY was not useful for me

We are sorry if we didn't meet your expectations. Please send us an email at with Delete Account in the subject line and we will process your request in 24 hours.

I found a job and no longer need my profile

Congratulations from all of us here at JOB TODAY! Even if you found a job, we highly recommend you to have a safety net ready and keep your profile, just in case. However, if you're sure you want to delete your profile, please send us an email at and your profile will be deleted within 24 hours. If you delete your profile, may you wish to come back to the platform, you will have to create a new account and complete your profile once again.

Why you should keep your JOB TODAY profile

Even if you are currently employed, you can still keep your profile on the JOB TODAY database just in case. If one morning you wake up and realise that you want to change your career direction, all you'll need to do is log back in.