Find a Job Lightning-fast

Check List

Follow this basic checklist to find your next job fast with JOB TODAY.

Invest effort into building a great profile

  • Add your full employment history: make sure to include the categories and duration spent at each workplace;
  • Add all the languages you speak - this might benefit your application for certain jobs;
  • Add your education: whether it’s a degree from college, university or school, diplomas from classes you attended and/or any academic or professional certificates;
  • Add a professional photo to make a great first impression on employers;
  • Add a paragraph about yourself: it’s the information your potential employer will read first on your profile, so make sure it’s informative, relevant and shows how great you are!engaging.

Apply for relevant jobs

We’re happy that you’re motivated to find a job, but try to avoid applying for jobs if you cannot meet the requirements. Employers are less likely to shortlist you or respond to your messages, so don’t waste your time!
  • You are more likely to be successful in your job search if your profile matches the job requirements;
  • Search for jobs that match your profile by using the filter to choose relevant categories;
  • Check that your location is set correctly and your location sharing settings are on. This is to make sure that you will only see the jobs closest to you.

Replying after applying

  • Regularly check your JOB TODAY messages and notifications (hint: turn on notifications to make sure that you never miss a message)
  • Reply as soon as possible
  • Always be professional when communicating with employers 

How can I turn on notifications?

  • Check that notifications within the app are turned on. Open the JOB TODAY app, tap Settings and turn on Receive Notifications.  
  • Check that notifications on your phone are turned on. Launch Settings on your smartphone > click Notifications > Select JOB TODAY > make sure that Allow Notifications is switched on!