I Have No Experience
Your motivation and personality play a key role in getting your first job. Many employers value your availability and attitude even more than your professional background.

Follow these steps

Step 1 Present yourself the best way

  • Impress them with your Summary section. Focus on your soft skills and personality.
  • Mention any previous volunteering, internships or placements in your Experience section. It all counts.
  • Share your academic background and any extracurriculars you’ve done in the Education section. Whether it’s training, courses or sports, it will help reflect your attitude.
  • Don’t forget to specify the Languages you know - this could be your advantage for some jobs.
  • Pay attention to your Profile Photo - first impressions matter, so make it a good one - show that you are professional, but also friendly.

Step 2 Explore your options

  • Customise your search by relevant keywords, such as entry-level, part-time or no experience.
  • Set realistic expectations and keep your spirits up - don’t forget that motivation is the key to success!

Step 3 Establish and maintain your reputation

  • Take initiative and message the employer to show your enthusiasm. Keep calm, you will hear back fast.
  • When an employer messages you, make sure to reply as soon as possible. You could be invited to an interview the same day, so don’t lose the job to someone else!
  • Last but not least, stay motivated and keep applying. You can do this!