Interview Checklist
You have a great profile, applied for a job, and have been invited to an interview. All you need to do now is make sure you impress your potential employer.  

Prepare, prepare, prepare

  Before the interview, prepare a list of your skills and experience. Make sure they are relevant to the skills and experience needed for the job. You should also read about the business or company. Make sure that you know details such as what they do, where they’re located and who their customers are.

What to Wear?

  Before an interview, prepare what you’ll wear to avoid last minute stress. You want to prove that you are suitable for the role.   For some roles, there are uniform requirements. The best option is to ask the employer if there are any requirements, to make sure you wear the right outfit.  

Better Late Than Never? Never Late is Better!

As soon as the date and time for the interview are set, add it to your calendar and set a reminder. Being on time for an interview shows that you are reliable. Avoid being late by planning your journey and leaving early.