Job Post Guide

To Post a Job

  1. Tap Post a Job
  2. Complete all the required steps*:
    • Job category
    • Position and job description
    • Job location
    • Employment type and starting time
    • Experience requirements
  3.  Complete the optional steps to add more details
    • Shift schedule
    • Salary
    • Language requirements
    • Photo
  4. Check all the info at Preview
  5. Tap Publish Job
*When posting your first job, you will need to add your company details (only asked once) To make the most of JOB TODAY, consider these tips when posting a job offer. When creating a job description, make sure it stands out.

Things To Consider

300 characters limit

In your job description box, you can describe the role as detailed as you wish. Be brief, but include all the important things: main requirement and benefits. Put some personality into it.

The right picture

Another important point is to upload an attractive image to your job post - let it reflect your workplace and create a sneak peek at your company. Please note: you can only upload your picture in JPEG or PNG format and it cannot exceed 5mb.

The right category

You need to choose the correct category for your job post, which will help the jobseekers with relevant experience see your post faster.

The right time

The best time to post your jobs would be in the evenings, as the candidates are most active outside of business hours.

Just a few rules we need you to follow*

  1. The job must be posted by a registered company.
  2. The description should be short and concise.
  3. The job must offer an actual job, not self-promotion
  4. The job must offer a fixed salary or guarantee the National Minimum Wage.
  5. The job description must not include any contact details or external links.
*We may ask you for your full company details to verify your account.