Managing Your Applicants


Please be aware of our 24-hour policy - all applications expire within this period in order to avoid clogging your inbox. So make sure to go on the app daily for a couple of minutes to Shortlist the applicants you are interested in - this way you'll never lose them. You can always see their personal countdown timer next to their profile picture when they apply.


In order to save the interesting candidates, you have to Shortlist their application. This saves them in your Shortlisted candidates, where you can always access and contact them.


If you don’t consider an applicant suitable for your job, tap Pass. This will remove their application from your inbox and the candidates will be notified their application wasn’t successful.

Applicants Buckets

Applicants Buckets is an automated system that sorts your incoming applications. The expired applicants are moved automatically to a separate locked section, which you can't access. This section provides an overview of all your expired applicants.
You can easily access your shortlisted and pending applications. Each applicant has a personal countdown so that you can track the remaining time to review their application.