Problems With Job Search

Why are there no jobs in my area?

If you tried searching for jobs on JOB TODAY, but couldn't find anything - we are really sorry. We might be able to help, though. There are a few factors that can cause a little trouble between you and your next dream job.
  1. You are in a city/town where we don't have many employers

In both Spain and the UK, we are mostly concentrated in bigger cities (at least for now). We are working hard to expand our job offer selection and exhaustively cover the market nationwide. Until we do that, hang on and keep trying!
  1. You are looking for higher-qualified positions

JOB TODAY has many entry-level jobs in hospitality, retail and other industries. The nature of our app provides a very fast and simple way of hiring and finding a job.
We also have higher level positions on the app. You can filter your search using a keyword to narrow your search if you’re looking for something more specific.

My location is wrong

Check that you have the right geolocation set in your search to make sure that you will only find  the people that are closer to your location.

To verify your location:

  1. Allow location sharing with JOB TODAY in your smartphone settings.
  2. Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Location, set your location and save the changes.

To look for job offers near your location, go to Search and tap on Location, drag the cursor to the place you want to look for job offers and save. Now, when you go to Search, you will see the offers that are closer to your location.

The pin is right, but the name of location is wrong

If the pin on your location indicator seems correct, but the name appears to be something different from what you’re familiar with - don’t worry. The location service we are using at the moment does not detect the exact names of the streets. Instead, it picks up the name for the area and covers a bigger radius for your job search.
Please note, that even if the name does not seem correct in your location box, the pin on the map is saved correctly. One way or another, you will see the closest job offers to your location and so will those companies - they will see your profile.

Why am I forwarded to external job sites?

We have added external jobs in order to broaden the choice of job offers on the platform for the areas we haven't exhaustively covered with our own database yet (e.g. Wales, Ireland, parts of Scotland and small towns around the UK outside of the big cities).