Problems With Candidates

I can’t see any candidates

If you are looking for candidates, but can't find any profiles, please double check your location. To verify your location:
  1. Tap My Profile
  2. Choose Edit Profile
  3. Scroll to Location
  4. Drag the location icon to the right spot
  5. Save the changes

I have no applicants

If you’ve posted a job, but haven’t received any applications yet, don’t give up! We’re here to help. Please bear in mind that all applications expire within 24 hours after submission. You can track the status of all your applicants in separate sections. The expired applicants are automatically moved to a separate locked section, which you will not be able to access. This section provides you with an overview of all expired applicants.

What you can do:

  1. Make your job description stand out
  2. Upload a good photo of your business
  3. Check the application daily
  4. Try Active Candidate Search

Candidates don’t reply

Make sure your company profile attracts applicants by adding all the required information and a photograph
Keep candidates engaged and invite them for an interview as soon as possible - this way you will never lose the most skillful candidates.
You can also find Response rate badge on some candidates' profiles. If the Badge is green, it means the candidate usually responds to messages promptly. This feature was added to avoid the waste of your time and indicates the pattern of a candidate’s recent behaviour in Chats with other employers. 

Candidates didn’t show up for an interview

Since JOB TODAY app is a fast and easy communication platform between Employers and JobSeekers, good communication is a must. Once candidates apply, make sure to message them as soon as you can - they will appreciate it. Good candidates get snapped up very quickly! The faster you contact them, the better chance you have of finding the perfect hire.