Your Profile Photo
Your profile photo is the first thing an employer sees when you apply for a job. Choosing a suitable photo will help you make a good first impression.   According to some managers, whilst a good photo reflects professional attitude and effort... “an unprofessional photo can really influence the outcome of an application.”

How to take a good profile photo

  • Ask someone to help you

    Think of it more as a passport photo, except that you’re encouraged to smile! Make sure to avoid using unprofessional selfies. A puppy filter can be funny on social media, but it's not a fit for your candidate profile.    
  • Keep it simple

    Find a neutral background that is not distracting from the focus of the photo (that’s you). Also, make sure you are the only person in the photo so that employers can easily recognise you.    
  • Dress professionally

    Choose an outfit with neutral colours. Your clothes should not outshine you. Think about the role that you are applying for, do some research and choose suitable clothing.    
  • Be the focus

    A head shot is preferred for your profile photo, as your face should be clearly visible. The best option is to go for a head and shoulders photo.  

Main things to avoid:

  • Unprofessional filters
  • Inappropriate outfits
  • Head-to-toe photos
  • Distracting backgrounds
  • Group photos (including your friends, family and Fluffy the cat).
  Just be yourself and don’t forget to smile :) Your photo is your tool for the first impression on the potential employers, so make it work for you.