Searching for Jobs

Select Location

The majority of employers on JOB TODAY want you to live close to their location (plus, it's easier for you too). To verify your location, go to Profile > Edit Profile > Location, set your location and Save the changes. Also, make sure you allow sharing your location with JOB TODAY in your smartphone settings.

Select Categories

Click on Search and choose the relevant category from the following:    
Barista & BartenderEvents & Promotion
Beauty & WellnessKitchen porter
Chef & CookOffice & Admin
ConstructionSales & Marketing
Driver & CourierWaiter/Waitress

Select Keywords

If you’re looking for a certain place to work, a particular offer or specific conditions, you can enter any keywords into the search bar.. Define and refine your search to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Visit the full guide to find out more about Job Search.