How It Works

What is JOB TODAY?

As you may know, JOB TODAY is the most innovative app for jobs in sectors such as hospitality, retail, beauty and much more. Once you register your profile, you can search for jobs, contact employers and apply for jobs immediately with just one tap!

What do I do?

You can apply to all interesting jobs posted on the app by employers. You can say goodbye to countless cover letters or traditional CVs - we live in a digital world. No time and paper wasted just direct communication that leads you to your next job.

It takes seconds to get set up:

  1. Download the JOB TODAY app on your smartphone
  2. Create a profile by tapping Get a Job
  3. Put in your Name, Email, and Password and choose a profile picture (see our Picture guide)
  4. Fill in your Candidate Profile with your experience and skills (see our Great Profile guide)
  5. You are ready to apply!


Once your profile is done to a shiny finish, go to Search. There, you will see all the opportunities around you from employers, that are waiting for you to apply.


When you find an interesting offer, tap on the job details and hit Apply. This will generate a 24 timer on your application with a countdown, which is the timeframe for the employer to review your application.


While you’re waiting, send them a message in a direct Chat. Introduce yourself and tell them why you are good for that role.
After that - it’s all between you and them. We don’t interfere, we don’t participate in the process. If you get shortlisted and invited for an interview - great. Make sure to do your best and prove them you are the best applicant.
As proved by our registered jobseekers, this can take less than 24 hours. Don’t worry if it takes a little longer - you will succeed sooner or later.

See for yourself