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4 Methods for Faster Screening During Phone Interviews
By: Sharmain Zain
Reading time: 4 min

Long gone are the days of hosting lengthy, never-ending in person interviews that consumed your precious time and resources. Phone interviews are where it’s all at now! With instant access to a plethora of diverse knowledge across multiple channels (smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops etc) small and large businesses alike have discovered rich methodologies to optimize their operational efficiencies. You may be aware that the recruitment process is no stranger to this revolution. All its elements ranging from hiring to interviews to decisions are being streamlined into leaner processes. Conducting a phone interview not only helps you screen out candidates but saves you an incredible amount of time. We have a few tricks up our sleeve as well that can expedite your screening process.

Crystal Clear JD

Structure your job description to go a step beyond the enlistment of expected responsibilities and duties. Include a high-level description of your company’s culture along with any potential growth opportunities.

Try to have a strong idea of the kind of candidate profile you are searching for. If you need someone who is an incredible multi-tasker with a wide scope of skills, then state that so as to receive such relevant applicants. This will ease your screening process when you decide whom to conduct phone interviews with.

Hot Point Checklist

Having a brilliantly clear yet simple job description means you can fire up a checklist. This will serve as your guiding beacon during your recruitment search process and the “must-haves” that you are unwilling to compromise on.

What are some of the common traits that you could consider screening for? Don’t forget to take a quick look at that job description. Once you have, go ahead and put your thinking cap on. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Number of years of experience
  • Specific language skills
  • Personality characteristics (maybe it’s a customer facing role and requires a friendly face)
  • Diploma or qualification required
  • Willingness to do a trial shift

After you have shortlisted your favourites, pick up that phone and give them a buzz to schedule a phone interview.

Specific Deadlines

We recommend that you assign yourself a specific deadline for finding a potential candidate. However, do make sure it is a realistic one as it will compel you to adhere to stringent timelines and implement an effective screening process. Even 24 hours can be enough to discover your next rising star.

Personal Touch

Whilst on the phone, listen closely to each statement your candidate discloses and pay attention to how he answers your questions. Is he able to demonstrate skills that relate to the job at hand? Does his personality or demeanour fit your establishment’s culture?

Keep a notepad close by and write down all the answers to the questions you ask during the phone interview along with any comments that you may have. Define your questions beforehand for your phone interview. This format will not only allow you to synchronize your phone interviews, it will also help you remember which candidate you clicked with. Hence, letting you screen through the vast pool of candidates more effectively.

There is nothing quite like your magic touch that will truly ease the screening process and make phone interviews your favourite hiring method. Armed with these four techniques, you will not only save a serious amount of time but be hassle free as well. Remember that when you post a job for free, you have the power to author your brand story that will reel in the crème de la crème. So, get ready to dial in with those phone interviews and find your dream employee!