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Cómo hablar de ti en una entrevista de trabajo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

You are  shortlisted   for a job and you are scheduled for the interview. Nerves begin:  you never know what to say when they ask you to talk about yourself?  We help you!

“Tell me what job you are looking for and I will tell you the skill you need to highlight”: it  is true that the training may be what you do at first that the company preselects you,  but it is not the only thing! There are skills that although you explicitly say that you have them in the interview, it is important that  you make them notice .

What do companies like?


Professionals who face proactive work activity, who are able to activate new ways of doing. Creativity in the way of demonstrating results and adaptable to situations. New things, that can demonstrate success.

For example, in the beauty , kitchen or design sectors it   can be a very good skill. Do you have interesting references to share, new work methodologies? Highlight experiences in this aspect! Think that a new employee is a “breath” of fresh air for a business, and that can make you a candidate with many possibilities.

Adaptability and flexibility

Ability to be effective within a changing environment, as well as when facing new tasks and challenges. Your potential for self-learning, recycling capacity or multidisciplinary skills for change.

Have you learned things on your own? ( online,  for example) have you combined  studies and work ? Count it!
Has any of your work required that you travel or meet different teams of people? Highlight that you can be anywhere, anytime with a smile.

Communicative skills

Professionals able to communicate in different environments and who can participate in international projects are valued. Increasingly, a high capacity is needed to relate to all levels; an open and cultural opening from the beginning.

Do you opt for a job for the public? In tourism, customer service or education ? If you have experience in jobs where you have been in contact with people or if interacting is one of your great virtues, take advantage of it!

Have a relevant cultural facet

Be effective in the compression and interrelation of different cultures. Your value increases if you know how to handle yourself in different cultures in a broad sense. What is valued is the ability to move with the same impact in a foreign culture. It goes beyond having languages.

Being a curious person or having traveled can be a plus for the job. For example, if you are looking for work  chef / a  and have come into contact with the cuisine of other places and you have applied to your way of cooking, it can be a great story.


That which you have contributed all the projects that you have been carrying out. Both for work done, as courses. Everything that has made you get where you are.

If you lack experience, rely on the domains you have and what you have studied to show that you are very capable for the position.

What skills do you like to stand out normally, or do you think work best? We want to know your experience in the field of interviews! 🙂

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