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Qué habilidades necesitas para trabajar de comercial

Carla García
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

A sector that is booming: the work as commercial . Companies need trained personnel with training and, above all, attitude (always positive!).

The skills to work in this sector are:

  • Initiative: What most differentiates a good candidate. It is important to always be proactive, and assume responsibilities.
  • Empathy : Understand the interests of the client. For example: never have an aggressive sales attitude. Because it is more likely that rejection is believed by the client towards the commercial. You can never ‘force’ the purchase.
  • Knowing how to listen: it may seem basic, but sometimes it can cost to acquire. It is important to know what the customer really needs.
  • Planning: It is very important to know how to focus and know how to correctly sort the list of tasks. In relation to this, we must also be clear about the goals we want to reach (counting on benefits, losses …) It is a very methodical job!
  • Security in yourself and your product: you can hardly sell your product if you have a hesitant or shy attitude. Nor if you don’t really believe in the good things your product has.
  • Be decisive: have the ability to solve small problems that may appear and the ability to make decisions about the macha.
  • Optimism: another very important. In addition to that it is much more pleasant for customers to deal with someone who is cheerful, this ability will give everything necessary to overcome the day to day facing the public (which is not always easy). You will learn to relativize situations and not let anything affect you personally.

To be honest?

Finally, we have to remove the idea from the head that commercials lack honesty. The old idea of ​​’they just want to sell you the motorcycle’. Companies seek precisely to convey the opposite. The key is to be honest : treat others as you would like to be treated.

Some of these skills require time and dedication … but don’t worry! On the fly, when you start working as a commercial you can acquire and improve them. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!