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Studio Head

Studio Head.

We're looking for a candidate to fill this position in an exciting company.

• Work in support of the studio head to coordinate and maintain high-level project road map. As such, coordinate and guide activities of several producers and monitor the project’s pipeline ?

• Ensure that projects are completed on time with the high quality level expected by our clients

• Ensure that the project vision is realized while keeping scope under control and communicate status to keep everyone aligned

• Work with Producers and their multi-disciplinary teams to determine resources necessary to complete projects

• Assist Producers in solving higher level complex project management issues

• Support Producers in ensuring that their user story lists are clear enough and well understood by the teams

• Use project management tools, production methodologies, and leadership level dialogue to maintain tight schedules and high standards of quality

• Oversee, coordinate, track and manage the activities of the team to ensure that everybody understands how to work together, what the process is, and how the process is executed by collaborating with Directors and Leads.

• Provide motivation, guidance, and improve best practices

• Frequently the projects’ progression and communicate with clients/Directors/Leads in case any issues might come up and provide help.

• Be responsible for addressing and handling any potential legal issues with Leaders and Director’s help.

• Be responsible for the all aspects of the product’s final quality.

• Communicate with the stakeholders and the teams, to figure out potential risks and come up with solutions for any problems that arise.

• Possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience as a Producer, managing large internal/outsourced teams within the video game industry (Software Engineers, 3D and TA Artists, Designers, Senior Project Managers, and Associate Producers etc.)

• In-depth knowledge of video games and sincere passion for gaming.

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