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Great Place To Work. The Flash of Technology Repairs

Doris Benitez
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Fast as a lightning, like a bat out of hell, they come and make your darkest moment bright again. When you drop your smartphone and all your hopes and dreams shatter altogether with it, these superheroes will be there for you. When the rain starts to pour; like they’ve been there before. With a swish of a cape, your dead cyber-self becomes just like new again. Too good to be true? Nope. These guys are very much real and they’re among us.


Fraser and Rich, Co-Founders of Repairly

Repairly, the pioneers of on-demand tech repairs, live and work for brilliant service. They bring happiness to customers and they’re pretty chuffed about it, too. “We want to bring people back up and running as soon as possible. You don’t have to leave your desk and we’ll be back in a jiffy,” says Rich, one of the Co-Founders. This is what the company is valued for. They are following the Golden Rule of customer service – treat others like you’d like to be treated. “The key point is how we treat our customers, and that’s what we care about,” says Fraser, another of the Co-Founders.


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The idea of their business was inspired by the huge potential to disrupt a sleeping industry, according to Fraser. When struggling souls had to wait over two weeks on average to get their digital selves back from the dead, Fraser and Rich saw an opportunity to make lives easier.

Although they don’t do the repairs in-house, they do their best at taking all the stress out of the process. Convenience and turnaround time are the core values Repairly lives by. And just like that, they are utilising their competitors by getting their business up to speed, quite literally. No wonder even Virgin backed these guys up. “We want people across the UK, and then the world, to find wonder and delight in what may seem like the most trivial aspects of their lives, in the hope, it blossoms into whatever they do next.” Funny enough, Repairly’s little family currently lives on Blossom street in London.

In fact, the team prefers to be called a “close group of friends” and is proud to do so. The “core” team is currently made up of seven people. Tech, sales, marketing and customer service are glued together to work for a better future. Rich says: “I value the fact that we don’t call them employees, we’re proud to call them friends.” 

Friends to colleagues, and vice versa

Once you immerse yourself in the culture, you never want to leave, as proved by Henry, Repairly’s Lead Developer. One day he called up one of his friends, who happened to be one of Repairly’s developers at the time. He wanted to borrow some office space, and the team, of course, welcomed him with open arms. Before long, Henry realised he enjoyed the company culture so much that it became his permanent workplace.


Fraser, Rich and Henry

It’s not all about work, though – they do all sorts of fun stuff together. While no day is the same in a start-up, this team of tech-savers still makes sure to add some spice to their lifestyle, and boy do they have a big spice cupboard! What started with Fraser’s mucky way of eating cereal, became a team tradition and an initiation for the newcomers. In the company, where a friendly atmosphere is the key point, they thought of no better way to make sure the new employees fit the team – they test them for thoughtfulness.



Would you tell your colleague his beard was covered in milk? Well, if you ever want to join Repairly’s team, your answer should be “I would indeed.” Even with Fraser’s beard gone, the tradition kept on going. They replaced it with the “Tea Test.” If you put a kettle on and don’t offer everyone a cuppa – bad news – you fail the test.


Fraser, Rich, Hekla, Henry, Andy and Tom



Repairly’s Core Superteam

Join the team

But, hey, we can’t give away all of their secrets – after all, that’s how they find the right people. Coincidentally, they are looking for new colleagues right now (“White Gloves Representatives”, as they call them). There’s already five Flash-alikes on this team, but they need some help with saving cyber-lives around London.

All they need from a perfect candidate is people skills and a nice personality. At the end of the day, this is what Repairly is all about. And people who represent the brand, are bound to be in tune. Although they don’t wear capes (just yet!), they can definitely make you believe that superpowers exist.

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