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How Can You Create an Employer Brand?

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Your employer brand is a mix of multiple touchpoints: your culture, your team, your vision, and the opportunities you can provide potential hires with.

It’s the feeling potential candidates have whilst interviewing with you or the sentiment evoked when they see a social media post on your page. Remember, the size of your business doesn’t matter- employer branding is going to work in your favour.

How Can You Create an Employer Brand?

So, creating a great employer brand is actually pretty simple.

Follow these few steps – then sit back and enjoy the perks!

Step 1- Identify Your Dream Candidates

Take ten minutes out of your daily schedule and think about what kind of employee you would define as absolutely perfect! What would their personality and skill set be?

For instance, as a coffee-house owner, you want your barista to be a multitasking superstar who rushes around happily serving customers, mixing delicious drinks and managing payments efficiently – all with a smile on their friendly face.

Step 2 – Cater to Millennial Staff Requirements

The first is to understand what your candidates want. We aren’t talking about monetary benefits here. They desire a work-life balance, quick job offers, adaptable work shifts and a fast recruiting process.

With today’s zero contracts and gig economy, you can manage flexible working hours with more ease. Today’s employees will also appreciate it if you adopt a work philosophy based on results rather than strict schedules, and as a result are likely to work harder. Such measures will benefit you once the word spreads in the jobseeker market that you invest in your employees.

Step 3 – Define Your Employee Value Proposition

Great, now that you know what kind of candidate you want and what they want- it’s time to reel them in!

Make your fab offer official by simply writing it down and composing your Employee Value Proposition. This core statement will tell potential applicants what makes your business so special. It highlights your vision, your culture, and your values.

For instance, if you’re a coffeehouse owner with a fun workplace that focuses on upskilling its local talent, why not go with: Master the art of coffee management and have lots of fun doing it!

Step 4 – Make Your EVP Live

Now, you’re ready to go live with your employer branding efforts.

How? You need to become active on the same channels as your ideal candidates!

Be active on social media

Engage with your audience: Harness the power of social media and utilise it to empower your employer brand by interacting with your audience.

You can humanise your business by simply talking to them, answering their comments and responding to reviews. Share company news, post memes, and publish all jobs on all your social media pages.

Incentivise your staff: Ask your staff to help you in making your employer brand more relatable to potential candidates through their own personal favour. How? Offer them small incentives to:

  • Post videos and photos of them working.
  • Share employee success stories, testimonials and their experiences of working with you. It will give jobseekers an insight into what their working lives would be like at your business.

If you don’t have the resources to make a video or build a flashy website, no worries! Let’s work with what you have – use your Facebook/Instagram page to show the fun side of your business, post an Instastory highlighting an employee’s positive experience and use social media to engage with potential applicants.

On hiring apps such as JOB TODAY, you can create your own Company page, post your information/pics and share all your new job offers all in one place. Invite all potential candidates to follow you so they’re automatically informed when you post a job ad.

Platforms like JOB TODAY do not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can build your following on your Company page completely for free!

Have a hiring event

Invite your applicants to a small hiring event. Just put some drinks and snacks out whilst conducting walk-in interviews. You can promote it on social media and see how your candidates gel in your work environment and with your team. Get your staff to promote the hiring event, tag themselves in it and to post pictures.

Let candidates come to you instead of you going on the hunt for them!

Getting started already? Awesome!

It’s your time to make magic happen. Download the JOB TODAY app now and start hiring!