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how to become a fitness instructor

How to Become a Fitness Instructor

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 5 min

Love working out but been binging on those crisps a bit too much recently?

The time has come to shift to a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

Respect, mate. 

How about becoming a fitness instructor and making some solid cash?

It’s true – UK residents are becoming more health conscious and yearn for direction. You could be their guardian angel who helps them achieve their lifestyle goals.  

So, how can you become a fitness instructor? 

What will your day as a fitness instructor look like?

As a fitness tutor, you’ll guide your customers in advancing their strength, stamina and energy levels through tailored exercise programs and nutrition. You’ll motivate them to push themselves harder in group exercise classes and to power through unhealthy cravings by reminding them of their end objective. 

how to become a fitness instructor

You’ll enjoy meeting people from different walks of life at your place of work and develop individual relationships with each one of your students. This is a highly rewarding job where you’ll feel pride in your clients’ achievements and earn their eternal gratitude. 

What skills do you need as a fitness instructor?

The most important thing here is to love the place and the people you work with. Then, you’ll automatically hone the following skill set:

  • Be in tip-top shape (that’s a given, right?)
  • Own the ability to connect with different kinds of individuals 
  • Have great communication and language skills
  • A creative flair to compose diverse exercises on a daily basis for multiple classes
  • Be able to motivate your client and personalise exercise regimens as per their interests
  • Be able to multitask and handle multiple customers simultaneously, manage admin and social media work as well.
  • Be organised and be able to plan fitness class schedules/workout routines

Got more? Amazing!

What does a fitness instructor do?

As a fitness instructor, your day will look like:

  • Heading and managing group exercise classes
  • Talking to members and understanding their unique health aims
  • Guiding customers on how to utilise fitness equipment
  • Imparting food and nutrition advice
  • Correcting exercise postures when required
  • Taking care of admin work (such as registering new clients, posting on your social media or planning your lessons)

Hey, we know you’re a multitasking superhero!

What will your working hours be?

This is not for the faint-hearted 😀 but you’re a strong lion, you got this!

The good thing about being a fitness instructor is that you won’t be doing those tedious 9 to 5 hours. Depending on your employment status (part-time, self-employed and full-time), you’ll work probably forty hours a week. Enjoy setting your own hours as this role allows such flexibility. Be mentally prepared that you’ll be working early mornings, weekends and evenings.

Smile bud, you can still hit your favourite London bar on Saturday night with your mates and enjoy a pint of beer (or more!)

What will your income be as a fitness instructor?

This is how it goes down:

  • Self employed: Your average earnings will range from £20 and £40 per hour.
  • Entry level: £14k to £16k
  • Experienced: £36 and above
  • Personal trainer: £150-200/day 

Work hard, play hard and you’ll get there! 

What qualification(s) do you need as a fitness instructor?

Talking basics, you’ll need to have cleared your GCSE’s A*-C or something equal to it. You can go on to take on a job in the fitness sector at a health club, leisure club or at a gym and gain on the job training whilst enrolling in the following:

how to become a fitness instructor

If you wish to increase your scope of knowledge in additional variables such as specialisation in training, nutrition, health safety etc, there are plenty of courses available at the YMCA, NASM Premier Global and National Register of Personal Trainers.

What is the cost of becoming a fitness instructor?

Mate, this depends on the course you decide to take or whether to work alongside whilst studying. The average cost of becoming a fitness instructor is between £1000-£5000. 

Got the quid? Super! 

If not, no worries! You’re covered. A lot of these training institutions offer payment plans to help you spread the cost of the courses. You won’t feel the financial pinch all at once.

You can still live the dream! 

How can I grow in my career as a fitness instructor?

If you’re hungry and ambitious, then progression is key to your success. Once you’ve gained your qualifications and gained significant experience as a fitness instructor, you can go on to become either a Senior Instructor or a Personal Trainer. 

Of course, you’ll have to put in the effort and study courses to qualify as a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, you’ll work privately with individuals on their health and fitness objectives. You’ll enjoy more time flexibility and will have the freedom to charge higher rates per client. This will allow you to have some precious “me” time as you definitely have earned it! 

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