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How to nail an interview in 75 seconds

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min

In 75 seconds you can land your dream job, provided you deploy the right set of seduction tactics!

You might have heard people saying…“It’s going to take a miracle to land this job… I don’t know how I am going to do this”. Actually all that it really takes to land a job in 75 seconds is some careful planning. Here’s the secret sauce in less than 300 words.

in 75 seconds

Dress the right way

Many people make the mistake of overdressing for their interview. Actually this can put the employer off. They don’t want to see you jazzed up… just looking like a professional. Dress in accordance with the company’s corporate culture. Wear clothes that make you look just like one of their employees to make the right impression.

Make eye contact and speak confidently

If you are shy person or someone with poor self esteem, this is what you should be working on. Looking people in the eye and speaking confidently is crucial and lack of proper body language is a clear sign of poor self esteem. When you are asked any questions, give your answers confidently as this shows how much you know about what you are talking. Be precise and to the point. Bringing irrelevant topics in the conversation can take away the interest of your employer.

Be well informed about the company

There was this applicant who knew all the answers to questions about his job and skills, but when asked about the company, he made up vague answers, which were obviously wrong. He made a terrible impression. Read about what the company does and any fresh news about their activities. This shows you are interested in the company as you have taken the time to carry out personal research.

Avoid doing funny or strange things to catch attention

There are people who come dressed in a flashy color, overdo their makeup, wear a funny hairstyle, write mantras on their hands, etc. All of this shows nervousness and an outward strive for attention, when you should be hitting the mark with a pinch of subtlety.

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