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Step 1: What is a Structured Job Interview

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Hiring your next star chef or waitress with a multitasking superpower? You may want to incorporate structured job interviews in your recruiting process as it has proven to be twice as effective as unstructured interviews.

To master the art of holding a structured job interview, you need to know the following:

  • Step 1: What is a structured job interview
  • Step 2: What steps to take before scheduling interviews
  • Step 3: How to conduct a structured job interview

We are going to share a 3-part series of articles dedicated to the above and help you become an interviewing guru!

What is a Structured Job Interview?

A structured interview uses a homogenized recruiting process by following a set of predefined rules.

All your restaurant staff candidates shall be exposed to the same questions and will be ranked on the basis of their answers. This permits you, as a recruiting restaurant owner, to truly concentrate on selecting a profile that possesses core job competencies.

The questions will assess critical job skills that are derived from a comprehensive job description. We recommend a mix of both behavioural and situational questions.

What are the Perks of a Structured Job Interview?

  • Free from bias: As you pose the same set of interview questions to each applicant and rate their responses, you will be able to make an objective hiring decision. Studies have found that unstructured interviews are more biased than structured job interviews.
  • Effectiveness: Structured job interviews incorporate uniform questions. As a result, it makes the entire procedure a lot simpler and effective – allowing standardised comparison across your board of applicants.
  • Legality: Structured job interviews are defensible in court due to their systematic nature. As per a recent case review, 50% of unstructured job interviews were found to be prejudiced in comparison to only 13% of structured job interviews that received the same ruling.
  • Reliability: As a hiring manager, you will have access to the same data for each candidate. This will facilitate your decision-making process as all interview respondents will be given the same treatment.

There are a few actions you may want to take before scheduling structured job interviews, such as being detailed when publishing a job. Then, you are ready for the final step, i.e. how to conduct a structured interview

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