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TERMS & CONDITIONS #webelieveyoucan Campaign

Jean-Paul Diaz-Caneja
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  1. JOB TODAY offers its employers a chance to get the first month of a new candidate hired through JOB TODAY paid for by JOB TODAY.
  2. To participate, employers need to
    • Post a job on JOB TODAY
    • Share a screenshot of the job on Instagram tagging @jobtoday_uk and using hashtag #webeleveyoucan
    • Hire a candidate via their JOB TODAY listing
    • All of the above needs to be done between 12/08/2019 and 12/09/2019
  3. Only one employer can win the competition
  4. The winner will be randomly picked among the people who fit all the participation criteria. JOB TODAY reserves the right to pick a winner at any time before November 1st 2019.
  5. The employer needs to be able to prove to JOB TODAY that:
    • The hired candidate was found via the JOB TODAY app
    • The candidate has worked for a full month for the employer
  6. JOB TODAY will pay for the newly hired candidate’s first salary only up to a total of 3000GBP including charges & taxes