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    Tom S.River, LondonOnline 10 hours ago

    5 yrs of experience as WaitersMeat House, St James Hotel, McDonald’s

    I am a hard working self motivated British Citizen looking for a part time job. Please let me know if you would like to have a quick chat or want to see me in person.

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    charan teja R.Chadwell Heath, Romford, England, United KingdomOnline 19 hours ago

    1 yrs of experience as WaitersMcDonald's

    I am Capable of working independently with minimum supervision, and committed to providing high quality service to every project, with focus on health, safety. Professional, capable, and motivated

  • Candidate avatar
    Unique O.Dagenham, England, United KingdomOnline 2 days ago

    3 yrs of experience as WaitersMcDonald’s, Nandos, Tgi Friday

    I’m a hard working a friendly Individual who can work well with others as well as on my own. I have great communication skills and I’mgood a problem solving and adapting to the environment and people around me.

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    Alica E.Glyndon, LondonOnline 2 days ago

    2 yrs of experience as WaitersMcDonald’s, Taco Bell, Adolphus group agency

    I’m a friendly person that’s always had a passion for helping people and wanting to provide customer service to anyone that walks in. I am also very confident, optimistic and always have a smile on my face.

  • Candidate avatar
    David L.Welling, Welling, England, United KingdomOnline 3 days ago

    1 yrs of experience as WaitersMcDonald’s

    I am complimented for my confidence, which I portray in my communication skills which is needed in any workplace. My personality type: Liberian-cautious, open-minded, self-reliant and trusting. I believe in hard work, I despise lazy people.

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    Hannah Y.StroodOnline 4 days ago

    1 yrs of experience as WaitersGambado

    My name is Hannah and I love helping people and I am very responsible and good at working under pressure also I am highly motivated.

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    Apriady Laurence S.Glyndon, LondonOnline 4 days ago

    12 yrs of experience as WaitersKan Kwai Fong, Hutong, Ekachai, McDonald’s

    I am an enthusiastic and hardworking individual. I enjoy challenge and thrive on efficiency. I believe good organisation and being able to prioritise responsibilities. I am enjoy gaining new skills of all kinds. I am approachable & friendly

  • Candidate avatar
    Emanuele S.Romford Town, LondonOnline 4 days ago

    3 yrs of experience as WaitersPilpel, Burger King

    I am a highly motivated, hard worker and great communicator. Following “people-first” and positive attitude all the time. I strive to work well under pressure and love to keep my workflow organized, have a multi tasking skills.

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