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    Alessandra B.North End, LondonOnline 3 hours ago

    10 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceEtjca spa, Gestion car srl, Almaviva Contact spa

    Strong attitude to the organization of work within a team especially in times of strong stress ▪ Great group spirit ▪ propensity to share the Know How acquired over the years ▪ High ability to manage time since Problem Solving Company.

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    Juan N.Tottenham, London, England, United KingdomOnline 13 hours ago

    3 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceTesco

    Currently working at Tesco, as a manager of the Customer service Team, previous 2yrs I had worked for a big company located in Madrid, as a Night Shift manager and supervisor during day-time (DHL). (During Pandemic time).

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    Denislav K.Kenton, London, England, United KingdomOnline 14 hours ago

    5 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceProvident finance

    I am a responsible and good person who likes to be on time, hard working, good team work.Highly motivate and able to take initiative; demonstrated ability to work with minimal super vision. Highly reliable to follow through on commitments.

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    Jade H.Poplar, London, England, United KingdomOnline 17 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceLadbrokes

    A determined enthusacic and resilient young lady with a variety of transferable skills to offer. I have a competitive drive yet a warm approachable personality. http://linkedin.com/in/jade-holland-10a77512b

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    Milica K.Wimbledon Park, LondonOnline 1 day ago

    2 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceKahani

    Organized, ambitious, creative & out of the box thinker, with an eye for design and an in depth.

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    Arj V.City of London, LondonOnline 1 day ago

    1 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceClarion Housing

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    Paschalis S.MitchamOnline 1 day ago

    3 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceOlympic Kosma Hotel (Greece), Olympic Kosma hotel (Greece)

    More than 20 years experience in various hospitality businesses including caffes,bars,restaurants and hotels.

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    Nadine L.Southgate green, LondonOnline 2 days ago

    1 yrs of experience as Customer ServiceFARM DIRECT

    A fun and bubbly, highly motivated and hardworking individual, which likes to spread positivity and success. Seeking a job in administration, retail or customer services.

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