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    zine F.Mile End, LondonOnline 4 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Kitchen Porterpere jego patisserie

    18-Year-Old Female of an Arab background studying at the Univerity of East London; Majoring in Business Management. Highly motivated with an intense work ethic and extensive experience in 3 languages: Arabic, French and English. Dependable team playe

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    James G.N9, London, England, United KingdomOnline 7 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterBens Takeaway, Stonehouse Court Hotel

    I’m a friendly, reliable, hardworking person with a passion for helping others. I am a fast learner and willing to learn and try new things. I am a confident and responsible person who uses my own initiative to get as much done as possible.

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    Marius O.Westminster, Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-UniOnline 12 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterFood cancan

    Motivated, willing, eager to learn, my project is to integrate a school of hotel marketing and luxury catering. That’s why I want to work in the restaurant area in order to experience.

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    Gligor C.E17, London, England, United KingdomOnline 1 day ago

    3 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterPabilon

    I'm hard working person. I'm looking work to star ASAP. If the company provides me training I'm quick learner.

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    Tunkara M.Vincent Square, LondonOnline 1 day ago

    5 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterCaravan, Conppace

    Hi Dear I'm looking for job. This is my contact number 07448242648 Thank you

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    Lucky P.SE16, London, England, United KingdomOnline 1 day ago

    3 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterThe Grill Pit

    I’ve been a pizza chef for a 1 year, a chef for 6+ years and I’ve worked in hospitality for 8+ years as a bar manager, barista, cleaner and KP. I also have management and administrative experience.

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    Robertino G.Larkhall, LondonOnline 3 days ago

    2 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterVilla Copenhagen, De 5 Stjerner - Cleaning

    I'm a driven, focused, and friendly Argentine with Spanish Citizenship, recently arrived to London for settling down after living in Denmark for a year and a half. My core experience lies whitin costumer support, sales and hospitality.

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    Cintia H.Shadwell, LondonOnline 6 days ago

    3 yrs of experience as Kitchen PorterBeds and bars

    I am 22 years old and I’m am Hungarian. Been in London over 5 years and now due to COVID-19 I’m looking for a new job. I’m hard working, responsible person willing to start work immediately

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