Tradesman Tradesmen



Tradesman Tradesmen

Tradesman Tradesmen.

Are you a Tradesman? Would you like:

To choose your own working hours and take days off when you need them, staying in complete control of your schedule?

To set your own rates according to the type of work you offer, your skills and expertise? You will also get to keep all the tips!

To get jobs sent to you that suit your schedule and are convenient for you to commute to?

To make good money on the side?

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an app-based platform that is always looking for skilled workers to join the community of Taskers and offer their services to various clients. Very often they need help and they turn to TaskRabbit. You can cooperate with natural persons or corporate clients that require different types of assistance.

There are many different tasks you can complete as a Tasker working with TaskRabbit. You can offer general assistance and help around the house or office, go grocery shopping, help them organize some personal or corporate events. You could also specialize in some specific skills and work as a gardener, plumber, electrician, driver, or in some other field.

Be someone's hero today and earn money by helping your clients with their everyday to-dos and do what you’re good at with TaskRabbit!

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