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18/05/2020 • 1 view
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Executive Assistant. Executive assistants have a demanding job that requires them to be skilled, poised, and efficient. An executive assistant is someone who is Extremely organized Able to do many tasks at once An excellent communicator Straight-forward and direct Able to adapt to someone else’s agenda and/or objectives Able to prioritize tasks based on need If this sounds like you, then our online Executive Assistant course is just for you. There is endless room for growth in this exciting career, and many executive assistants are able to use their job to springboard into a higher position within their company. Want to better yourself and prepare for a new career? Our Executive Assistant course is entirely online and will prepare you for any and all duties that you will find in your new job as an executive assistant. Don’t let another moment of indecision over your career or unhappiness at your current career pass; take charge and get started with your new life as an executive assistant. Enrol in our online Executive Assistant course now.

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