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Barista & Bartender

A barista and bartender are part of the hospitality industry and work in hotels, cafes, coffeehouses, bars, pubs and such. This role means taking, handling and managing food and drink orders for all customers. 

A barista will be passionate about coffee with prior knowledge or be willing to learn on the job. By providing friendly, effective services in a safe, hygienic ambiance, they will provide customers with a pleasant experience. If a candidate is just starting out, they can easily learn how to be a barista. With some time and experience, they can grow professionally by increasing their skill set and coffee expertise. The entry level salary can start from £8 per hour and go up to £12 per hour. 

The difference between a barista and a bartender is mainly in the type of drinks that they serve. The latter is also responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the bar, related utensils, serving finger food, processing orders/payments and being able to concoct delicious drinks. A bartender’s salary will range from £9-£12 per hour. With some bartending courses, they can definitely expand their scope of work and earn at the higher end of the spectrum.   

Here are some popular job roles for a barista and bartender:

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