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Construction jobs

Construction jobs offer a plethora of diverse roles that are related to multiple disciplines. Construction employees are recruited by three kinds of classes of employers: contractors, consultants and subcontractors. 

Planners and designers come under the consultant umbrella who take the project and make it viable.. Contractors are the executors of said plan and work on site. This includes labourers, equipment operators, electricians and such who work their magic to bring the project to life. Subcontractors are brought on board when required for work that’s of a technical nature and needs specialists. 

Construction workers aid on building locations by performing a bunch of manual labouring tasks. They could be a jack-of-all-trades or specialise by working as a plasterer, a bricklayer or a carpenter. Experienced construction workers may go for specific training or high-risk licenses to become doggers, concrete workers, scaffolders and such. 

A construction worker will be physically strong, able to work outdoors, read and understand safety requirements and follow exact instructions. Although no particular qualification is required to begin a career in construction work, it helps to either train under a mentor or to work one’s way up. Some companies may require that candidates go through a recognised UK Safety & Health training course. Although the salary for a construction job will depend on the kind of role being entailed- the national average is about £11.50/hour. 

Following are the different classes of construction jobs available: 

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