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  • Healing Therapy London Limited
    Massage Therapist
    Massage Therapist
    2 months ago
    £55–£70 hourly

    As a Massage Therapist at Healing Therapist London Limited, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality massage services to our valued clients. Your primary duties and responsibilities will include: Performing various massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages, according to client needs and preferences. Conducting thorough client assessments to determine the most appropriate massage treatment plan and address any specific concerns or areas of discomfort. Providing exceptional customer service by actively listening to client feedback, addressing any questions or concerns, and ensuring a positive and relaxing experience. Maintaining a clean, organized, and professional work environment, including sanitizing equipment, replenishing supplies, and adhering to all health and safety guidelines. Educating clients on the benefits of regular massage therapy and recommending additional services or products to enhance their overall well-being.

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