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verified iconEmma T.
Barista, 2yr. of experience
location iconBrooklyn
location iconMidtown West
verified iconBrian C.
Waiter, 5yr. of experience
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    Tooting Real Estate
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    Panda FC
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    Arc Iris Restaurant
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Job posts by other businesses in NYC
  • Immediate start
    $20 – $25 hourly
    Experienced Barista
    Sammy L coffee
    We're seeking an experienced Barista to join our team at the student dormitory on NYU Three Avenues.
    East Village, New York
  • No experience
    $15 – $16 hourly
    Front of House Team Member
    At Chick-fil-A at 46th & 6th In-Line, we are truly blessed with the opportunity to serve the midtown Manhattan community.
    Midtown West, New York
  • No experience
    $16 – $19 hourly
    Line Cook
    Shake Shack
    Beginning as a hot dog cart in New York City’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack was created by Danny Meyer.
    Flatiron District, New York
  • No experience
    $15 – $16 hourly
    Store Associate
    Providing differentiated customer service by anticipating customer needs, demonstrating compassion and care in all interactions.
    Midtown West, New York
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  • review ratingDec 6 2022
    Already getting interviewsCal L
    I just downloaded the app last week and already started getting in contact with actual employers for meeting and interviews in my local metropolitan areas.
  • Dec 2 2022
    Easy to useRicardo M
    Very good and easy to use, and if you really want to work here you will find it for sure.
  • Nov 2022
    GreatKlean Ventures
    Fast, accurate, effective and full of unbelievable talented job seekers!
  • Sep 14 2022
    Straight to the pointPloisteanu L
    I honestly like it. Makes the applications very easy and is not that formal as other apps. Straight to the point. Try it.
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FAQs About Recruiting on JOB TODAY

How fast can I find people to recruit?

Employers on JOB TODAY usually find their match within the first 24 hours!

What type of workers can I recruit?

We have all sorts of candidates on JOB TODAY: sales, retail, hospitality, admin, ...

What type of businesses recruit through JOB TODAY?

Our employers range from small independent businesses to major international franchises.

How can I make sure the candidate is qualified before I recruit?

Candidate profiles on JOB TODAY detail their past experiences. You can also start a chat directly within the app to get to know them.

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