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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities should I look for in a handyman?

Your ideal handyman will be a friendly, hard-working person who is willing to work flexible hours. This person will have good knowledge in plumbing, electrics and general repair. Your handyman should be a whiz at problem-solving, be a little obsessed with detail and be able to communicate well.

Will I be able to hire more than one handyman at a time through JOB TODAY?

Hey, we are super happy if you hire a dozen handymen at the same time! You can hire as many handymen as you need from your JOB TODAY app. You can either post different jobs highlighting your needs or you can simply post one handyman job and share the number of handymen openings available.

How will I know if someone has applied to my handyman job?

We will send you a notification whenever a candidate applies to your handyman job ad. Just make sure your notifications on JOB TODAY are switched on.

How Can JOB TODAY Help me Hire Handymen?

Are you searching for a professional, reliable and highly skilled handyman? Whether you are looking for someone to complete a specific job or to fill a permanent position, JOB TODAY is the best place to start your search. Use the JOB TODAY database to view the profiles of hundreds of handymen who are currently looking for work. JOB TODAY is the best solution to finding a hardworking handyman who meets your employment requirements.