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    Pattern Maker
    Pattern Maker
    2 months ago
    NoHo, Manhattan

    We are looking for a skilled patternmaker to create factory patterns for our manufacturing company. In this role you will be required to study blueprints and design models, create paper templates, and design the final pattern for mass production. To ensure success as a patternmaker, you should have extensive experience with pattern design, fine motor skills, and a good eye for detail. A top-class patternmaker perfectly translates the ideas of the designer into a reliable and repeatable pattern that can be sent to the manufacturer. Patternmaker Responsibilities: Meeting with product designers to discuss the base design. Reading and interpreting design models and blueprints. Creating rough-draft templates using computer drafting software and freehand techniques. Measuring, cutting, and designing patterns in the material required. Double-checking the pattern dimensions and style. Sending the initial pattern for a manufacture check. Meeting with designers to review the final product. Tweaking the pattern and filing the design. Reporting back to company managers.

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