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Save Your Precious Time With These Interview Techniques
By: Sharmain Zain
Reading time: 3 min

How can interview techniques help you save time? As a business owner, you probably have a million things on your to-do list and recruitment is merely one of them. You don’t want to spend too much time hiring and interviewing new candidates.

We can help you get it all done and more.

Choose Your Interview Technique
There are countless ways to go about your interview process. You need to choose the one format that you are comfortable with. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Phone interview: If you have received a large number of applications, you can thin out the herd by screening potential candidates via a quick phone interview. This will allow you trim down to the crème de la crème of your resume pool and dedicate your time to those individuals who have captured your attention.
  • Group interviews/trials: Invite your aspirants to a round of group interviews with team-based tasks and discussions. For instance, if you are hiring a bartender and you like two candidates – have them over and put them to the test. Let them do a trial and show you their magic! The one who performs better gets the job. With this method, your daily operations will not be disrupted and will let you get the best candidate on board.
  • Serial Interview: Take one day of your busy week and invite potential workers to your establishment. Spend a few minutes with each contender and see if you want to clear him to the next interview. The latter interview will also be scheduled for the same day, essentially letting your applicant stick around for a few hours and getting to know other staff members. Do give them a heads-up in advance that the interview process may take most of their day.
  • Panel Interview: Take your most senior staff member and let him conduct the interview with you. Let it be a comprehensive session that will give you both strong insights into the capability of the applicant in front of you. Aren’t two heads better than one?

Prepare Your CV Pool
Do take a quick look beforehand at the profiles of the incoming candidates as it will save you time reading their resumes during the interview itself. If anything catches your eye, make a note of it to ask them within the interview. Strengths? Weaknesses? This simple yet effective interview technique will let you identify any gaps that may exist as well. Perhaps you want to learn more about the companies they were previously at.

Know Your Questions
Draft up a list of interview questions that you want to ask your candidates. Have a think of what the job description will entail so you can swiftly answer any questions thrown at you. A ready list of questions will also make you think of what kind of candidate you are looking for and not waste time on those that do not match your criteria.

Book Your Interview Room
Nobody should disturb you whilst you are conducting your interviews. Let your other staff members know that you are busy hiring their next colleague and that you must not be disturbed (unless there is something urgent!). Unwanted interruptions, incessant knocking on the door and loud background noises will distract you as well as your interviewee.

It’s true: simple interview techniques as these may appear as common sense can expedite your recruiting process and save you a serious amount of time.

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