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Trabajar y viajar gratis por el mundo es posible

Doris Benitez
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We bring you the Merca20 list of ways to travel and work. We accept suggestions!

1. Cruise staff

Cruises that travel across countries, seas or even continents always require service personnel, ranging from aerobic instructors, psychologists, doctors, brand ambassadors, vendors, DJs, store hosts, among others. According to Yec , these positions are usually paid per hour, and their monthly income is around 1,200 to 1,500 dollars , coupled with your “work trip” includes food, lodging and a bit of party atmosphere.

2. Language teacher

Being an English, Mandarin or some language teacher always provides the opportunity to live in a foreign country, which allows you to meet new people. Although in the case of the English language, to be able to work in another country you will need a language certificate. Their annual salaries range from 18 to 50 thousand dollars and the main labor markets are in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea and China.

3. Consular officer

The workers and senior managers of the foreign government service guarantees travel and stays abroad, regardless of the cost of living wherever you go, your country will always cover expenses. The work of this staff is to interview visa applicants, help citizens of your country in the nation where you are, expedite procedures such as passports. The annual land can amount to 73 thousand 984 dollars .

4. Tourist guide

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, tourist guides have a salary of around $ 14.64, which amounts to around $ 31,000 annually, while tourist guides in museums and cities earn a little less, $ 24,000 a year . The only requirements is to master a second language.

Member of the army or armed forces

The United States is the king of military bases around the world, as it is estimated that it has more than 800 in more than 70 countries. Although its staff travels for free around the world, the truth is that it fights, maintains and operates a team, however, they are well compensated, since their salary can amount to one million 500 thousand dollars per month , depending on the rank they occupy .

5. CIA spy

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English) collects intelligence data worldwide and maintains constant operations abroad, so operations officers must recruit and handle spies abroad, in addition to managing and handle information. Their average salaries are around 19,861 dollars a year .

6. Correspondent reporter

Reporters sent from the media to other countries have the responsibility of keeping their local public informed of the country of origin. In addition to mastering a second language, they have life insurance and a safe stay in the country where they go, so their average annual salary amounts to 37 thousand 720 dollars .

7. NGO worker

Non-governmental organizations, such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International, require staff to travel to foreign countries, ranging from first world countries to developing countries. After months of training, workers usually spend missions up to 24 months in a foreign country. However, salaries are not high, since these organizations have you as “volunteer”, so after the mission you will earn 8 thousand dollars on average.

8. Archaeologist

Archaeologists evaluate and study cultures all the time, ranging from languages ​​to archaeological remains, coupled with the fact that some professionals specialize and their long trips abroad last months. His annual salary amounts to 61,220 dollars .

9. Doctors Without Borders

These are doctors, doctors and specialists of this international organization, which sends entire delegations around the world to deliver medical help and attend emergencies. Like NGOs , doctors are treated as volunteers on their trips abroad, so their monthly earnings are around $ 1,900

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