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Las 15 preguntas más raras de una entrevista de trabajo

Doris Benitez
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We always talk about these “difficult questions” about job interviews, those for which it is okay to be prepared, and have a “possible answer” in mind: for example, to the question , what is your weak point? How much do you want to charge? ? Or why should I hire you? but here we have gathered, from an article of  Learn more , the most difficult questions – and rare – that have had to face candidates for a position:

  1. “How would you explain what a vending machine is to someone who has not seen or used it before?” (from the company Bloomberg LP in a selection process in which a global data analyst was sought)
  2. “Could you tell us how many fire hydrants there are in Los Angeles County?”  (from Disney studios to find a software engineer). 
  3. “If your current boss organized an anniversary party for you, what five words do you think he would use on the cake to describe you?”  (from the Express company, where they were looking for a district manager).
  4. “Would you know how to estimate how many employees work in the building next door?”  (from the company Risk Manager Solutions, to recruit a data scientist).
  5. “Would you know how many birthday congratulations can be published on Facebook in one day?” (from Facebook, for a sales operator)
  6. “What is the first thing you would print with a 3D printer if you had it?” (of the North American company Rackspace, to look for a Linux system administrator).
  7. “If you were a teleñeco, what character would you be?”  (from the LifeNet Health company, during a selection process in which a family lawyer was sought)
  8. “Could you give me 48 cents using six coins? Please indicate the value of the six coins you have chosen” (from the Wintec company, to find a Human Resources manager).
  9. “Would you know what kind of angle there is at 3:15?” (from Fast Enterprises, looking for an implementation consultant).
  10. “How would you find the square root of 1,2?” (from Jump Trading, in a selection process to hire a hardware engineer).
  11. If you are in a boat with a rock, and you drop that rock into the lake, how would you compare the level of water before and after the rock falls into the lake?” (from Apple, to find an engineer in mechanical design). 
  12. “Could you sell me an idea, and then, the opposite of that idea?” (from Blizzard Entertainment, to hire a Solarwinds Administrator).
  13. “If you could take someone on a road trip with you, who would you choose and why?”  (for candidates for an educator position, published by the company Lululemon)
  14. “If you had to administer a multi-million dollar millionaire grant in several companies and universities, how would you start?”  (from the Ford car company to recruit a scientific researcher).
  15. “Could you name a brand that represents you as a person?” (for a brand strategy manager of the multinational Twitter)

And you, what would you answer?

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