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Consejos para cuidar tu Reputación Online

5 Consejos para cuidar tu reputación online

Doris Benitez
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Did you know that 84% of recruiters use social networks to evaluate a possible application? Of them, 68% of them consult Facebook , among other networks … Boom: What have you been stoned from? Quiet, that’s why we’ve prepared this guide that will help you catch up and take care of your online reputation, let’s see.

Guide to take care of your online reputation

First, a simple exercise

Open Google, type your name and cross your fingers so that the photos of the last company party are not there. A Google search is the initial kick to know what Google says about us. Developer? Spooky? However, we will have to work on it.

Now, let’s put some order

Ok, it can have sentimental value but you don’t need that account on MySpace anymore, so be it. Duplicate accounts, blogs and any network you don’t use, discard it. All that affects your online presence.

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do on the street

Or at your parents’ house or at your own home. Anything you do or say could go viral in a matter of minutes and depending on how, it doesn’t cool. Behave and repeat with me: I will not trolle …

Be careful with the footprint

Everything you do on the internet leaves its mark. The meme of Chuck Norris, makes clear grace and leaves a mark. Videos with kittens? Oh … footprint. What you share, what you comment, the likes you give, everything leaves its mark.

Watch, watch and watch

I believe you, you are doing everything very well but nobody is exempt from labels and just a moment to ruin the work of months. Therefore, it never hurts a review of Facebook’s privacy settings and have some Google alerts ready, just in case.

After all, it’s not about ceasing to be genuine, it’s just about taking a minute to think before publishing and having an impeccable online reputation . Since Job Today we have simplified the process of finding work for you, now it is your turn to do things right.

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