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Es importante retener a lo mejores empleados

5 consejos para retener a los mejores

Doris Benitez
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Vale, gracias a Job Today, has contratado al candidato ideal, las cosas van bien y todos contentos. Pero, ¿Ya has pensado en tu plan para retener el talento dentro de tu empresa? Tranquilo, para eso hemos creado una breve guía para que puedas cuidar de los mejores.

Guía para retener a los mejores:

1. El ambiente, un básico de básicos.

Pues sí, pasamos gran parte de nuestra vida en el trabajo, por eso mismo es tan importante que el ambiente sea el adecuado. Un buen clima laboral hace que el día a día sea más agradable y pueda aumentar la productividad.

2. Mi empresa me mima.

We are talking about recognition, pure and hard . A pat on time can change everything, in addition to increasing loyalty in the company. A pat and an appropriate compensation policy, of course 🙂

3. The team is all.

The relationship with the boss is one of the most recurring conversation topics after football. And it is that the boss can do a lot for the work environment, besides being who represents in person the values ​​of the company.

4. Development possibilities.

It is one of the fundamental human needs and is one of the benefits most valued by employees. An employee who can train and grow within the company is an employee who is not thinking about leaving.

5. Flexibility.

It is a reality and the numbers accompany. A good work environment, feeling valued and an adequate balance between work and personal life are part of what makes an employee feel comfortable and happy in the company. Well yes, happiness has its benefits. This is called “emotional salary” and it is proven that not only increases the commitment to the company but also decreases absenteeism. What is worth a try?

The retention of talent within the company has become one of the best methods to improve productivity . One more human and close to people. By the way, did you know that talent retention can increase company profits up to 85%? So, yes, these are good times to be a coiled boss. Now you know. 

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