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5 cosas que NO debes hacer en una entrevista de trabajo

Doris Benitez
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Well, finally you have achieved it, they have called you to do an interview in the company you wanted and the position with which you had dreamed so much. And now that? It is important to know  what to do in an interview , but also  what not to do  so that the interviewer, for just one answer, decides to choose another candidate before you. In this post we offer you some   useful tips to know how to  face a job interview and get out gracefully.

What you should NEVER do in a job interview

1. Talk instead of listen.

First of all, if you get nervous you should know that it is the most normal thing in the world, so take a deep breath and relax; You have prepared a lot for this moment, you must trust you, you are the best trick with which when it comes to overcome this last obstacle.

Many candidates are betrayed by nerves, and end up monopolizing the conversation, without waiting for the interviewer to set the appropriate guidelines; It is  important that you listen before speaking , attending to each question, internalizing the information and reasoning the answer. You know how to do it, don’t let nerves play tricks on you!

2. Improvise.

Have you ever taken an exam without studying? We’ve all done it sometime and it doesn’t usually work out. We advise you to  investigate  before attending the interview; Enter the website, see what kind of customers have worked and work, if they have won awards, what projects they have underway … Also, look at the company’s employees and let yourself be advised by who has already passed the test.

3. Lying

You should not rely on improvisation, nor lie to the interviewer, since at some point in the dialogue you could contradict yourself. Just  be honest , let yourself go and  trust your skills as a professional .

4. Appear with flip flops and socks.

The dress you choose before leaving home could decide everything at the moment you arrive at the interview. The  72% of interviewers  claim that  inappropriate dress is one of the biggest mistakes  a candidate can do so, of course, must take care of aesthetics. A good image could make you earn many points.

5. Do nothing after the interview.

After an interview, many candidates usually choose to wait while the phone rings, but why not send an email asking how the selection process is going? It’s okay to wait a few days or even a week but  an “extra email” can make a difference.

Finding work can be stressful, but if you put into practice the advice we offer you, your chances will increase considerably; Prepare the interviews, investigate and you will find the perfect job  unless you sing a rooster. Luck!

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