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5 simples consejos para contratar personal

5 Simples consejos para contratar personal

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Your small business is growing and the time has come to hire staff but you don’t know where to throw it? Normal, that’s why we have prepared these 5 tips that will help you find your perfect candidate.

How to hire staff, step by step:

  1. First things first: Define what is important for the position. Are you interested in credentials or are you one of those who prefer attitude? It is normal to ask these things and no one better than you to answer them. Only you know what are the “real” requirements of the task, the concrete and the subtle. Target them all, it’s a good beginning.
  1. Now, clarify … and sweeten it a bit: The offer should be clear and precise, but also attractive. Yes, that is work, but today candidates are more inclined to benefit more than cold numbers.

Ok, I already have it in mind and now what?

  1. Don’t make me think! There are many and very good online platforms to carry out a search. But if we talk about solutions, then we need a tool that is easy to use, friendly and helps us achieve what we seek in the best possible time.

Now we are talking about JobToday 🙂

Do you already have the App? What’s cool? You have published in a plis and you have already seen your candidate. The thing looks good, you have to have a coffee and chat a little …

4. Do we say something ?: Arrived the day, prepare the interview and get ready to listen to everything, what has been said and silenced. Do not be afraid to improvise if you feel that the candidate is worth it. Unexpected questions bring genuine answers.

And last but not least …

5. Do not get overwhelmed: The ideal candidate is out there, with the same desire to find you as him. They are only a couple of clicks away. Good luck in your search!

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