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7 motivos clave para seguir formándote

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

On more than one occasion we have heard that ” knowledge does not take place .” It is not only a popular saying, but a totally true statement. There are many reasons to be formed and, not only that, but that this becomes something continuous and endless. Because, both personally and professionally, knowledge and training will always enrich us. In this sense, we find many reasons to continue training and here we list the most important ones.

Why continue your training? 

A university career is no longer enough 

Long ago that having a career ceased to be something that differentiated one candidate or another. Now, the perfect complement comes with the Postgraduate and Master, although without neglecting the languages. These, no doubt, are important to work in a global market like the current one.


Given the demands of the labor market, professionals must be specialized to improve their employability conditions . Knowing everything is no longer valued, but professionals dominate a specific area 100%. In this sense, there is more and more training oriented to specialization. An example of this is the MBA of IMF Business School focused on different specializations of the company.

Who dominates a specialization is more likely to be successful from the labor point of view. Recruiters and human resources departments value it especially.

Keep growing as a person

Training not only helps us to grow professionally, but also personally. Along the way, we will always have the opportunity to learn personal skills and knowledge that we can apply in the personal field. And in this, higher education as a business school has much to contribute.

Expand your network of contacts

Studying always makes it possible to meet people and professionals in your environment. Schools like MFIs guarantee that students can network with their classmates, teachers and companies with whom they are put in continuous contact. This advantage is very valuable for not only improving your employability, but for (if we wish) to start a new business or project.

Stay up to date with the sector

Continuing training will allow you to acquire all the knowledge of the sector in a real and updated way. During the course, you can put into practice all your previous knowledge but also the most current ones.

Improve your work situation

All this will undoubtedly contribute to improve our employment situation. Perhaps finding a better job, promoting towards a higher position or even taking a 180º turn towards the work we have always wanted to develop. With this, you will update the curriculum.

Fulfill your ambitions and expectations

It is important to be ambitious and have expectations not to fall into monotony and demotivation. Studying something new or complementary will help us to fight it because it will mean improving us at work.

7-reasons-to-continue-forming you

These 7 reasons are key to encourage you to continue training. Knowledge does not take place and, on it, depends largely on the success or failure of our present / future. Go ahead, cheer up and keep training! 🙂

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