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como encontrar trabajo

Como encontrar trabajo: el primer día de búsqueda de empleo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Are you immersed in the job search ? We know that finding work is a task that requires time and effort. But do not worry. From Job Today we will not leave you alone. Here we explain the best way to face the first day of the job search. Take note!

Before starting

  • It is important to think what kind of job you are looking for. From there, you can focus your profile in that direction. Thus, if, for example, you are looking for work in the kitchen, you do not need to include details of your experience in other sectors, but it will be better to focus everything you can in relation to the position you choose.
  • Do you have the profile picture prepared and with good quality ?
  • Set up the app to show you the offers in your city .
  • Make sure the spelling of your work profile is impeccable.
  • Review your entire profile for the last time, and start the search!

During the process

  • Continually check the new offers, new possibilities appear every day.
  • Include a video presentation when you sign up for an offer. They can get a faster idea of ​​who you are and earn entry points.
  • If you think that for the job offer it may be interesting to give extra information about your experience or training, do not hesitate to use the chat and complete your work profile!


If you have been shortlisted , congratulations! It is a good time to thank the interest of the company and / or to ask for more information about the position or if they require some more information about you. Break the ice!

Watch out for notifications! With Job Today in 24 hours you will know if the company has preselected you or not.

Once the first day is over , our advice: create a search routine. Although sometimes finding a job can be a matter of many hours, the key is important to plan well: have a good profile, apply for applications that suit you and have a lot of enthusiasm J

And remember, if you have any questions, at Job Today we are here to help you in your job search!

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