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Brecha de género en el trabajo

La situación de las mujeres en el empleo

Doris Benitez
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 On countless occasions we have heard about gender inequality , a concept we have very present, but to what extent do we know how the current situation is?

Below, we provide some interesting information that reflects a scenario that persists over time and on which we should focus all the attention to reverse and improve it.

Gender gap

Although there is increasing awareness about gender distinctions related to employment, there is still a significant gap between men and women.

In Spain, more than 83% of men with higher education are employed compared to 76% of women with the same level of education, according to the latest INE 2017 results.

Likewise, women continue to have the least prominence in the upper organs, with only 28.5%.

More women and better results in college

One of the greatest evidences of the gender gap is the presence of more women enrolled in the university than men , results that are not reflected in their labor insertion.

6 out of 10 graduates were women in the 2016-2017 academic year and they also obtained better results on average.

Do women charge less?

Women still have lower salaries compared to men in the same place of employment, with a lower average salary of 5,793 euros , the average salary of men being 25,924 euros and that of women 20,131 euros according to the latest annual survey of salary structure of the INE corresponding to the year 2016.

A necessary change in our society

The data shows that there is a problem between gender equality in employment, so it is the commitment of both companies and society as a whole to cope with the merits and skills of jobs.

From Job Today we want to raise awareness among companies and society in order to improve the situation and be able to get closer to gender equality both in employment and in all possible fields.