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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional en hostelería

Doris Benitez
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Professionals who work in hospitality have a lot of opportunities to work. Spain has a flow of facilities dedicated to the hospitality industry as tourism is an important asset that is growing more and more.

The work carried out by people who want to make a career in hospitality ranges from serving customers, cooking, attending to customer requests in a bar or restaurant, working on a hotel terrace or being a room manager. This involves dynamic work, with a lot of movement, and also with ample flexibility to adapt to different types of schedules.

What do hospitality professionals do?

The functions of a chef , chef or restaurant receptionist are always different depending on their position and the hospitality facility in which they work. We can talk about bars, restaurants, gastrobars, campsites, apartments, catering services or theme parks or attractions, among others.

Among its main tasks we can highlight.

  • Cook, wash and prepare food.
  • Organization of the kitchen department.
  • Organize the room of a restaurant.
  • Manage a bar.
  • Serve food or drink to customers of the facility.
  • Supervise and give orders to kitchen helpers.
  • Monitor orders, stock and merchandise.
  • Keep track of the food inventory.
  • Consulting work and advice to other establishments.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of hotel facilities.

What qualities must the hospitality workers have?

The most important skills that people who want to have a career in the hospitality industry must have is customer service. They must also be organized, flexible, multidisciplinary, good managers, know languages, learn how a bar and restaurant works, cook well, work in teams, show empathy and motivation for the hospitality sector.

What qualification do they have?

The degrees are different depending on the work to be done at any time. As in the hospitality sector, there are several departments and functions the degrees are focused on tourism, gastronomy and hospitality. With specific courses always related to hospitality, equipment management in restaurants and / or marketing, in addition to the most specific or technical in cooking.

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