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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional en la industria hotelera

Doris Benitez
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Fortunately, tourism is an important focus and an extended reality in Spain. Many professionals are needed to cover positions in this area and specifically work in the hotel industry opens many fields to explore.

The person who works in hotels can perform various tasks. On the one hand, there are hotel managers, assistant directors, hotel event managers, hotel consultants, chefs and chefs or, waiters or cleaners. More and more multidisciplinary positions are increasingly filled because the hotel manager must do several tasks where the organization is vital.

What does the staff working in hotels do?

They are varied functions, depending on the position to occupy. From hotel receptionists , hotel manager, commercials , event staff or managers of the restaurant and terrace, facilities cleaners , cooks and much more.

  • Hotel management
  • Organization of the departments of each hotel.
  • Supervision of the tasks of all departments.
  • Hiring new workers in the hotel.
  • Report benefits to the hotel facility.
  • Control expenses and benefits.
  • Propose improvements for the smooth running of the hotel.
  • Assist in the tasks of carrying out events.

Working in hotels is a fairly dynamic task that requires customer service as the most outstanding quality. You can work in large city hotels, small hotels, aparthotels, rural hotels, tourist apartments, large beach resorts or boutique or special and themed hotels.

What qualities should hotel workers have?

A great customer service, language skills, clear organization, a taste for tourism, knowing all the departments and functions of a hotel. Wide organizational capacity, responsibility, team management, sense of service, teamwork, clear motivation, working overtime or adapting to seasonal work. Managers must be organized, fast and flexible enough to perform different tasks at the same time.

What qualification do they have?

The qualifications of hotel staff vary according to the position to be filled. The hotel manager must have a higher degree in tourism, business or business administration, with courses or masters in tourism, hotel or equipment management. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!