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Cómo captar la atención del empleador

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Capturing the recruiter’s attention is important when it comes to getting a job. Showing yourself in a different way from the rest, exhibiting what makes you the perfect candidate or trying to show why that position is for you will be key to getting the employer to notice you. But how to get it through the Job Today app?

These tips can be very useful for success in this aspect:

  1. A nice picture The image you transmit will be decisive, choose a photo in which you are smiling, look good and have a good quality.
  2. Use the chat Once you have signed up for the offer, do not wait for them to contact you, do it yourself and add value to your candidacy. Explain something that is not appreciated in your profile, clarify what you think is unclear or simply show your interest in the position.
  3. Notifications activated. Always have notifications activated, you never know when they can contact you and miss the opportunity to not see the message is a shame.
  4. The section about me is very important. It is the first thing the employer will read about you. Expose what you are looking for, what you have done to date or that you are especially good. It is the place where you must indicate everything you think the company has to know, it is a way of knowing how you are beyond what you put in the CV.
  5. Profile focused. Surely you have a lot of experience in many different things or within your profession there is something that you are especially good at, take advantage of it and focus the profile to adapt it to what you are looking for in the offer. Surely even if you dedicate yourself to the hospitality industry or in the textile sector, there is something that you do especially well or in what you have worked for the longest. Think about it and highlight it the employer will get your attention.

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